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Thermal Imaging Cameras in Harrow

Thermal image cameras are used by our leak detection engineers to view any damp or warm patches of your walls and floor to identify the leak source.

Tracing the route of hot and cold pipes by thermal scanning through virtually any surface – Quickly finds the source of your leak.

The initial survey would be undertaken using a Thermal Imaging Camera. These cameras are able to identify very small differences in temperature on the surface of different materials. This allows us to identify pipe runs that are buried in sub-floors and other areas hidden within the building structure. One of the main advantages of these cameras is that they are non-invasive and the survey can be undertaken causing minimum disruption very quickly. Once the problem is identified we can carry out the repair quickly with minimum damage to your property.

Bad Heating Circulation

Bad Heating Circulation

Our Thermal Imaging camera can plot the circulation under floors and in ceilings and ducts.

The problem identified and dealt with minimum damage.

In complete contrast to traditionally labour intensive, disruptive and costly methods of large scale excavation, Leak Detection provide a solution to finding hidden water leaks within domestic and commercial environments with the minimum of disruption.

Call us now on 020 8863 1155 and solve your problem with thermal imaging.

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I very much appreciated how quickly you arranged for the installation of my boiler. Mr Brown Jnr was considerate and most efficient throughout and I am very satisfied.
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