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Expert power flushing in Harrow and surrounding areas

If you're looking for an affordable radiator 'powerflush near me' in Harrow, then our highly rated, experienced and reliable central heating team can help.

What is a radiator power flush?

Carried out by one of Peter Brown’s trained engineers, our power flushing service will clean your radiators and pipes that feed them to ensure that your central heating system is in top shape, energy-efficient and keeps you warm whenever you need.

When would I need a radiator power flush?

There are certain tell-tale signs that your central heating system needs radiator power flushing.

Contact Peter Brown Plumbing and Heating if you notice any of the following:

  • Your radiators seem to take much longer to heat up
  • Certain parts of your radiators are cold, even when the radiator is on
  • Your radiators do not seem to heat up fully as they did before
  • Some radiators have just stopped working
  • Your boiler started making a rattling or clunking noise
  • Your heat pump is very noisy when your radiators are on
  • One or more radiators are leaking
  • Your boiler keeps cutting out a lot and you need to keep resetting it
  • You’ve noticed sludge in either the expansion or the feed tank
  • You’ve noticed discoloured water when you’ve bled your radiators

Keeping your central heating maintained is important. Power flushing is a great investment that benefits your daily life, so make sure you prolong the longevity of your radiators and improve their performance regularly.

For more information, make an enquiry or call 020 8863 1155

What are the benefits of getting a radiator power flush?

Your central heating system has to work a lot harder when your radiators need a power flush. By getting rid of what’s causing the need for a power flush service, you can boost the efficiency of your radiators and lower your energy bills.

In addition, your central heating system will last longer, require fewer repairs, and provide your home with the warmth that’s been missing.

How long does a radiator power flush take?

When our engineer is performing a power flush, they’ll connect the special equipment to your central heating. We don’t need to take off any of your radiators to complete your power flush successfully.

Next, a special power flushing cleaning fluid is pumped through your system. It begins to loosen the gunge and the rust that’s built up inside. If your radiator has cold spots, that’s where a build up of unwanted material has occurred and the power flush will quickly remove it.

Your Peter Brown engineer will then safely collect and dispose all the sludge and rust that comes out of the radiator during the power flush process. Once everything has been removed from your heating system, our expert will flush it again until the water coming out of the radiators is clean and acid- and alkali-neutral.

The final touch is to flush the radiators again with a protective fluid to impede any future build-up of the sludge and rust.

How much does radiator power flushing cost?

The cost of Peter Brown’s radiator power flushing service starts from £380 plus VAT. Our power flushing engineer will give you a precise quote during their visit.

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